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Hi from the Carpatians

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Hi  :)

My name is Sorin and I found this forum into an sticker on my partner's ride Alf-Dmax  ;D

Unfortunately I don't drive a pickup, my ride is a Jeep Wrangler JK.

I'll try to upload some pics but at the momment I need to learn how to do it :-[

Good you have opened this section, I have some time checking this forum but unfortunately I only am able to understand the pics  :D


Welcome from Barcelona!!! you can use the translation google sistem to understand, but the pictures are always the best :P

Hi sxn !!

Thanks to ALF-DMAX we can see images of your beautiful country. It's like a paradise for 4x4


What are you doing here man ?!!!  ;D ;D ;D

I see you every day and also I must support you in this forum !!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Welcome to our planet jeeper man  ;)

Bine ai venit la noi !!

It is not a paradise, the police are always punish us when we are enjoying our machines. I think is better your country, but we have Morroco not so far.


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